The Perfection of Fantasy Phone Sex

The Perfection of Fantasy Phone Sex

The question of what sex is today interesting and relevant call girlsofuk phone services today. Tinder, sexting, photos of naked body parts, body positive and, of course, conceptual porn. So, many original levers of control of the deep psychological world and sexual fantasies. Nevertheless, there are more and more articles on the Internet on how to diversify, decorate, change sex life, bring pleasure to a new level, or at least just surprise. There is nothing unnatural, as Fantasy Phone Sex is talking about sex on the phone. We decided to recall this old-fashioned way of raising the sexual mood, in most cases, a good alternative to foreplay or even sex itself. Having enlisted the support of phone sex operators (yes, there are still such), we have prepared some excellent tips for those who want to surprise their partner, because the new is well forgotten old, right?


Wear sexy clothes

It seems that clothing is not a matter of principle in the matter of phone sex. It makes no sense to spend money on gorgeous underwear or seductive dress because visually all these sexual tricks are not available. But, according to experts, clothing is a tool for creating mood, and mood in sex is all. Feeling in the right atmosphere, simulating a situation in which both partners could be, you can start a conversation.

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Surprise your partner from the first seconds

Of course, planned phone sex is actually what we are talking about, but there’s always a place for an unexpected surprise. Spontaneity is always welcome; it is worth remembering how many times the spark ignited from nothing. In sex on the phone, as the professionals say, you can also afford spontaneity. And here you can turn on the fantasy. It is best to start with innocent conversations, describing how at this moment you would like to be touched or kissed. Going further, sighing more and more seductively, you can get an amazing result, since the partner’s attention will definitely be focused.

Be yourself – what you need in sex on the phone

Being you is important in any form of sex, especially in the remote, because here it is much easier to fall into an awkward position. Changing the voice, playing fictional roles, you can completely kill the mood. According to sex operators, if we are talking about phone sex between two loving partners, it is best to allow true nature to manifest itself and be fully embodied in this process, except that the partners themselves will want to try on new images.

Find “your” sex-voice

However, changes in voice and communication patterns are still considered normal during telephone sex. Of course, this is not just a conversation; it is an intimate process, which means that not only the content of the conversation but also its prosody should be special. Professionals advise you to practice the pronunciation of phrases to identify the most pleasant timbre and style of conversation.

In sex on the phone, it is important to make sounds

According to sex operators, modesty does not work in this kind of sex. It is very difficult to get excited if the telephone lover is silent. That is why it is necessary to prepare for the fact that you have to make more sounds and louder than usual, in order to smoothly move from a slight excitement to a climax. But the main thing, nevertheless, to remain sincere, if loud moans have never been your main reception, it is better to make the already proven methods of sexual arousal more relaxed.