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Welcome to MY world of domination and control … I am either your new Mistress or your worst nightmare cum true. You may call me Mistress Felicia or Goddess, I am a sweet southern girl, but don’t mistake my southern charm for weakness! This 36 DD isn’t a pushover at all I am a stern mistress! You will not hear me screaming or shouting to get your attention. I have a  toy for that. <wink>.

The toys I enjoy are…… candles, hair brushes, clothespins, wooden spoon, toothbrush, crochet or knitting needles, straight pins, toothpaste, matches, ben gay, nipple clamps, floggers, paddles, whips, chains, medical bandage, sounds (reg and the electron).  I could on and on but really you would begin to think I am just naming shit I know nothing about. But I have a lot of other toys and know about a lot.   I think you will like these sites if you are into toys…,

Monday: Mistress Choice Monday, I get to decide what I want to do to you.  You like to release total control.  Well, then follow my every instruction.  Will, I chose to humiliate you? feminize you? spank you? torture you? I will decide that after all it is my choice.  I enjoy lots of things so you may find yourself being asked to complete tasks that you may not find completely enjoyable but if you really want to be a sub, suck it up. I am in charge.

Tuesday: Torture Tuesday, Pain for you can be pleasurable for me to watch. Torture can be as simple as tying you to a table and letting one drop of water hit your forehead repeatedly.  A totally silent room, no one with you, just that one drop on water. I punish guys who disobey with things like that. Torture can be hardcore mutilation.  I really like cock and ball torture.  I like everything from castration to just gentle manipulation.  I like hanging weights and using vice grips.  I have a wide variety here so if this is your fetish, break out the toothpaste, pliers, needles and give me a call.

Wednesday: Weenie Humiliation Wednesday,  I love teasing panty bitches and mama’s boys. You can never have too many worshipers,<giggle>. If humiliation is your game … I am one of the best. Trust me I will put you in your place and often. My goal will be to make you cry. I will show you no mercy, no little dick deserves mercy.

Thursday: Toilet Training Thursday – Scat, Golden Showers, Enemas… Well, I guess I will start off with the most acceptable part of this fetish, which is golden showers. Golden showers, pee showers, mellow- yellow, the breakfast of champions.  This fetish ranges from guys wanting to just see the spray when a woman urinates to a guy who wants to drink it.

Friday: Freaky Fetish Friday, What is your fetish?  Is it Taboo? Is it freaky? Keep in mind, I am who I am! I would love to know what makes you a freak. I think I am a freak too, in ways. If you call me I will tell you some of my forbidden desires and nasty things I have done in the past.

Saturday: Strap-on Saturday, I am more than just a bend over type girl.  I know to be really good with a strap-on you have to know how to do more than bend a guy over.  Now don’t get me wrong,  I still like to bend a guy over on occasion but I know how to do so much more than just that with my strap-on dick.

Sunday: Spanking Sunday,  Whips, paddles, riding crops this are more than instruments of pain, these are instruments of pleasure. I know how to bind you up so that you can not escape and then I know how to use my instruments to play out a tune on your back and ass.  This may be hard for you to take but believe me when I say it will be easy for me to give.


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