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Butt plugs and anal hooks are fundamentally simple sensual accessories; even their name suggests what you need to do with them. Still, there’s more to using a butt plug that just sticking it in and lackadaisically wobbling on it. With the wide range of butt plugs available to you and the endless possibilities of anal play, you’ll find that with a little practice, imagination, and maybe even the help of a friend or three, that the butt plug opens new vistas in anal eroticism that you never knew existed. plugjoy.com has selection of them here.

To begin—lube up. Use lots of lube. Sure, butt plugs have a smaller profile than many other anal toys, but you want this to be fun and comfortable, and nobody ever complained about a painful entry due to using too much lube.

Next, take the time to enjoy all the sensations your butt plug gives you as you glide it through your anus and into the rectum. Both of those sites are nerve cluster heaven; ultra-sensitive areas that can deliver a tidal wave of erotic pleasure. So take the time to treat yourself to both a lingering insertion and removal. Anal hooks can be so much fun if you have never tried using an anal hook butt plug give it a go it may be that very thing you were looking for.

Now that you’ve got it inside, vary the direction and pressure that you apply on the butt plug and pay attention to the positions that really engulf you with anal pleasure. If you’re a lucky guy or girl who owns a butt plug that’s designed to stroke the p-spot, you’re in for a really good time with this method. This process is particularly fun if you’ve got friends in on the action. If you and a partner are working your butt plugs inside each other at the same time—well, simultaneous anal orgasms make for one hell of a bonding experience.

This overview on how to use your butt plugs just scratches the surface. Experiment with textured butt plugs, vibrating butt plugs, and butt plugs that can be mounted with suction cups. Each different butt plug delivers its own delights and you’ll want to experience every single one. Enjoy your butt plug adventures.

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